Ramadan TVCs: Telecom

Today, and after my BANKS post, I will be talking about the three telecom companies’ ads during Ramadan 2011


Starting with Wataniya Telecom! Last year, Wataniya introduced a new concept and theme to their ads starting with a video of a family and a song playing in the background explaining what everyone is doing randomly (link)! I LOVED it! This year they repeated the idea with a much nicer performer (talking voice-wise), Bashar AlShatti… This is the first Ramadan Ad



I like it… although it seems more like a foreign concept translated into local, nevertheless… It was quite nice 😉 Soon after, they introduced this dude called “Bu El3oraif” which I promised to write more about earlier this month (link)! He is the silly guy you love to hate, and I’m saying it in a good way! He is hilarious 😛 Those ads were directed towards Wataniya services such as Wink, Net-On-Phone, The Ws, InTouch, BlackBerry, Wataniya Rewards, Wataniya Installment, and Wataniya Roaming




ليش البيتزا مدورة تييي بكراتيين مربعة… الـ”مو مثقف” مثل خروف من غير صوف…. مااااااااء



الريال الناجح مثل الزبيدي… عليه طلب! مثل الساعة السويسرية “تك تك تك” ماتوقف



Love this one LOL – على قولت الأوول ايل – اوولهم أي حائة



مافي قفشة من غير شوكة… السكوت من ذهب, بس الذهب غالي… والـشات أرخص



ولا شي اييك ببلاش الا شيين… الشيب و الكوليسترول…. ورشة عطر من مول



صير مثل الأصانصير… يمشي دور دور… شوف الشاورما, تزرطها بلقمة وحدة؟ طبعا لأ… السمبوسة أي



بونجوغ… نوغت باغيس




Then a funny Gergai’an ad came out! I liked it a lot 🙂 It drew a smile for sure…



Another ad was done for Somalia…. it was a nice move towards CSR! Its a service to feed six persons in one day for a message that costs KD1

تبرّع لتصنع فرقا – أرسل “و” إلى 1922



Then came the Eid ad which I loved so so much! I wrote a post about it here! As I said, it captured the Eid chaos and preparations (and happy spirits too) in about one minute




Now moving on to Zain Telecom! I kinda had problems looking for them because not all of’em were uploaded on the official Zain’s YouTube Channel – but let’s start with their medley song performed in classical Arabic language (they got us used to see one every Ramadan now) and this year it was performed by Shujoon! It was lovely and very warm



This ad was followed by Wiyana Mix Packages ads… Funny and easy on the eyes and ears 😀 I loved this campaign and I wrote a couple of posts about it (here and here)

Here is the groom who was afraid to go ahead with the marriage



The construction guy who got stuck in a situation that no one wish for



Then came Sa’ad with the grizzly bear with a sword behind him



I also saw their Somalia ad on TV but could not find it on YouTube! It was done also under the CSR category! If anyone finds it, drop me a line in the comments page please 😉


The ad I liked from them the most this year was Iftah Ya Simsim – and I wrote a post about it and how much I liked it (link)



Then came the ad for their Eid musical play




Lastly…. VIVA Telecom 😉 This year they are advertising a competition and in the same time asking everyone to show their passion and share it (for inspirations) – You can read more about it on their site here!

Their ad campaign is moving and touching! And the prize is BIG too 😉





I really was touched by this one below! It also shows VIVA’s passion towards CSR!



This is a prayer for Kuwait as a whole and for H.H. the Amir in specific




All in all, this year’s telecom ads were all of high standards! They mixed between fun, festive, love, religion, CSR, and more! To say which one of the above ads is my favorite is a tough one (well done Kuwaiti telecoms 😉 )


I would say Wataniya’s Eid ad captured the whole spirits of Eid in one minute…. and it really is a good ad for that it showed exactly what happens in the last week of Ramadan in preparation for Eid! Zain’s Iftah Ya Simsim really gave mi chills! It was just amazing! VIVA’s passion – the blind boy ad, was really moving! They show you how much they care about everyone in the society and want to share passion and spread goodness!

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