Ramadan TVCs: Dental Clinics

So the third TVCs category that I will be talking about this evening is Dental Clinics! Let me start by saying that I’m glad each dental clinic took a different approach and did not copy one another….

First ad I saw this Ramadan was Asnan Clinic’s! I dont know if its just me or if I pay extra attention to details – Plus, I could be wrong or its all just a coincident! So…. Beside the comedic take on the ad, there were other indicators to look for in this ad… He is wearing white dishdasha, she is wearing cream top (not white) so her teeth are not as healthy as his 😉 The gift he gave her was super shiny (shiny teeth anyone?) They also look so sophisticated and polished (maybe thats what they wanna show and reflect?) What do you guys think? Its an amazing ad regardless 😉



Second ad I saw this year was New Smile Dental Clinic! For someone like me, who is always afraid of going to the dentist and “forget” about their appointments 😛 this ad made me go Whoa! Even my dad was like, “What kind of dental clinic is this? Please get me their number?” Now what do I like about this ad? All of the models in the ad have a super white clean teeth…. I like the background music used in the ad, how it brought back memories of the old commercial breaks in between programs back in time (عادت عليكم يا هلا .. يا هلا فيكم)! They also showed that they are taking care of different customers from different genders, and different age groups… services for everyone! I like how the use of the medical tools, equipment, and machines were used as musical instruments too!




Third ad is Bayan Dental’s! First of all, Bayan Dental is my clinic… I admire them for always coming up with unique and never used ideas (specially last year when they avoided the dental ads war and came up with their own new concepts).. Now check out Marwa in the ad (who is the official face for their promos) If you listen closely, the lyrics talks about this guy and she mentions his “smile” when her teeth shines at this very moment! Throughout the ad, it looks like she is getting ready for a stage performance, so she uses dentists tools or dental related items to fix her makeup (like tooth brush and mouth mirror) – creative and cute at the same time 😉 With Bayan Dental services mentioned in a moving belt at the bottom of the screen! And in the end she uses her GO*SMILE tubes! At the end they say (in Arabic) Show off your smile… which is what the ad emphasize on the most! A smile that you cannot help but show-off




The dental ad I liked the least (sorry 🙁 I’m not saying its a bad ad, but it is my least favorite on the list) is Brite Dental Center! It talks about smart choices you make – or rather “pick”…. symbolized in chairs! First it is the baby chair your mom pick for you, the seat you pick in a class room, the seat behind your desk at work later in life, but the smartest chair/seat she picked was at the dentist (which I agree…. you have to be smart when picking up a dentist)! Although I have seen pictures of the clinic in some email fwd (and I loved it) but this ad wasn’t my favorite!





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