Ramadan TVCs: BANKS

I will be posting Ramadan TVCs in categories… starting with banks (if I missed out on any, please leave me a link in the comments)


My favorite Bank Ad this year goes to Ahli Bank for many reasons! I like how they really take you on a trip to see the prestigious world, they make it look all glamorous… many people are talking about it (many people I know at least)! I have never seen an ad done this way in Kuwait, so kudos to them! Simple & to the point!




Gulf Bank with the teasing baby! Its cute and funny specially at time 0:37! Oh and they also made the cutest baby contest on their Facebook Page (link)




NBK Ad.. or ads! Well, honestly? You’ve done much better before! I did not like it this year 🙁 They are singing (لي بان القمر) to a full moon sign of Ramadan, when its crescent that we look for! The kids are shouting and jumping more than singing, the pronunciation of some words (i.e. Ramadan) is not very Kuwaiti 🙁  Good thing though when you talk to them on twitter @NBKPage they listen 😉 So I give them credit for that! Plus I <3 NBK




Kuwait International Bank (AlDawli) – Its light hearted and directed towards spreading a good word and gentle advise 😉




KFH Ad, although nice, but it felt like they were advertising Apple Products! However, the scenes were picked nicely, and it shows that we, in Ramadan, are all connected somehow 🙂




Boubyan Bank used an already existing idea kind of ad… which is the use of Islamic Song performed by famous Sheikh. It was nice that they dedicated it to everyone – sending prayers to all, and not just to people in Kuwait…. plus my niece get hypnotized by it when its on TV




What’s your take on Ramadan Banks TVCs this year?

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