Ramadan Gifts – Thanks All :)

I would like to thank Gelato ItalianoThe Yard, Danderma, Zain, and VIVA for their kindness (and yummy) way of sending me Ramadan Greetings!


First greeting I got was from Gelato Italian

I was overjoyed when I saw their famous styrofoam packaged ice cream! Seven flavors of goodness; Kunafa, Rangeena, Vimto, Pomegranate, Rosewater, Orange Blossom Water, Baklawa (they wanted to send me Rahash with Chocolate but they were out of it)

I did the usual… a scoop of each of their Ramadani flavors which I love VERY MUCH!

Later on, I shared… YES I SHARED, the ice cream with my dad and sister… and both are fans as well! I still have like half of it left for today! Thank you Um3azoz :*


Second thing was from The Yard

Last night, I was chillaxing at home when I got this cute little brown bag from them… it contains a jar of salted caramel spread (they must know me very well LOL), a very nice notebook, and mini brochure.

Can’t wait to try it this evening 😀

It looks like it was made as a special edition for The Yard by Mimi 😉

And the note book…. very artistic and got this vintage feel to it

And it looks like they will be receiving furniture soon 😉

Less than an hour later, the door bell rang and I got another gift from Danderma 😀

She mixed modern and traditional very well in her arrangement of Kuwaiti style tin pot and mini straw basket, with lots of yummies… I think she also know me very well (and we also share the same taste in many yummies) since she got me a tin from Dean & Deluca, rose tea and herbs/spices in tiny cute bottles! She also included sesame bar -she wanna give us a taste of her diet I guess 😛 – some Or coffee sweets in crescent shape and Blue Eye (to ward evil) chocolate. There is also dried fruit and dates! I loved loved loved it SO MUCH

I’m having spiced rose tea this afternoon infused with saffron 😉

With some dates (Ajwa)

And Dean & Deluca’s dark choco covered hazelnuts

Thank you Danderma *hugs*

Earlier today… I got a couple more! Zain sent me a box of Tamreya (dates) and two Imsakiya (one for the desk, the other is pocket size)

Both Imsakiya are divided into four weeks of Ramadan with different pictures of “Giving (Generous) Hands”

I cant wait to attack this box with my family this evening LOL

And another gift from VIVA…. A bag with a CD recording of Yaseen, a plexi tray of yummies, and a greeting card/imsakiya in one

This CD will go to my car for sure 😉 Love the idea

And with all those yummies… I am covered for the night with the family 😀

Love the plexi tray box

Thank you VIVA 😀


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