Nougatini House of Chocolate

I was invited for a private viewing and tour of the new chocolate store to be opened soon (inshallah) Nougatini in Symphony Mall by Mr. Haitham AlGhunaim.

I was surprised to see how big it is… maybe because I had imagined it to be a small chocolatier tucked in one of the corners, boy was I wrong!

The store is designed -somewhat- in a style that showcase different occasions and ideas in sections! I fell in love with the Ramadan window display and snapped so many pictures of it

Some Gergai’an packages too

I loved the festive Ramadan feel and arrangements in those items with those little men playing musical instruments, dancing, or just sitting inside hanging lanterns!

Even the packaging is various! You have the open trays, baskets, boxes in many many styles!

Moving on to another display… this was somewhat in the center of the left side of the store… very flowery and soft in style with shades of purple in vases, bowls, ceramics…

Other items included baby shower and baby reception arrangements

Ohhhh…. Marzipan <3

You can go purple, pink, blue, yellow… you name it πŸ˜‰

They also do corporate packaging – if you wanna do Gergaian giveaways or just chocolate boxes/gifts πŸ˜‰

Special occasions, such as weddings, receptions, and gifts for the chocolate lovers

If you prefer to pick your own, you can do that too! They have different (and MANY) options to choose from! They were really generous offering all kinds of wrapped and unwrapped chocolate pieces for us to taste from dark to milk chocolates and sugar free! The ones I tasted were really good, and I’ve noticed that there isn’t this buttery feel on the wraps when you unwrap your chocolate… light and delish!

Oh and let me tell you this… they have the best dragees I have ever tasted!

Different kinds of nuts covered in light sugary colorful coat.. I specially liked (sorry LOVED) the coffee ones <3 <3 <3

As I was leaving the store, I saw them arranging chocolates in boxes and snapped a couple of which πŸ˜‰

The store is spacious and I loved the variety in arrangements… it is done in a way to satisfy all tastes I guess

Oh and I was given a box of chocos too that I took with me to my bestie Luluscious ;*

Anyways, if you’re interested into having a private viewing/tasting and buying, they are not yet officially open, but they would love to hear from you – you can arrange for that by calling +96599490569 or +96599636177


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Thank you Q for arranging this chocolate yummy viewing πŸ˜€

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