My friend Mohammed S. sent me a couple of pictures of this kid sitting under the shaeds of a tree in Bayan! He snapped those photos a couple of days ago at around 1:30PM! He see this kid pretty much most of the week days around this time! Mohammed said he must be no more than 7 years! It made him (and myself) VERY angry! Seeing kids this age in the middle of the street, during our summer, in this intolerable heat AND in Ramadan to sell watermelon is just unacceptable!

Mohammed really wanna do something about it but his hands are tied because he is not sure of this kid’s situation! He might do him more harm and damage than good (Specially after watching Bu Kareem)! But as he told me, regardless of the situation, kids his age should not be doing this AT ALL! He should not be left on the street in the blazing heat! As he explained, seeing this kid everyday.. he saw him one time drinking water from a public fountain! So what can we do???


وصلتني هذه الصور بالبريد الالكتروني من صديقي محمد ص. و قاللي ان هذا الولد الصغير يبيع رقي بشوارع بيان وتقريبا موجود شبه يوميا تحت ظل هذه الشجرة بجونا الحار والقاسي عالساعة 1:30 الظهر


قبل كم يوم شافه يعبر الشارع بروحه يدور ماي من أي سبيل وكسر خاطره وخاطري الصراحة


لازم ما نسكت عن الموضوع هذا أبدا لأن الاطفال اللي بعمره ما المفروض نلقاهم بالشوارع بروحهم بهذه الحالة يبيعون رقي (أو ما شابه) و هو شكله أصلا صغير… يمكن 7 سنين



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