Life With Cacao – Ramadan Highlight

Life with Cacao are back with a new highlight for August that I would just prefer to call Ramadan Highlight by my friend Fahad AlFahad 🙂

As I was watching TV on the first day of Ramadan they delivered me this box… this box with a peek-a-boo hole in it! It was kinda heavy! I opened it up to find this white ramequin with a note that reads Ishta soufflé (You can heat it up a bit to eat it warm)

It gives a description of the dessert; Ishta Soufflé by Fahad AlFahad – From Fahad’s family home-based business, “Lgaima Sweets“, specialized in baking “Modern Kuwaiti/Arabian Sweets”, he presents Ishta Soufflé, a layer of ishta cream topped with crust of basboosa.

I took my first bite….

Its really good! Specially the top part! I would devour on the top of this Ishta Soufflé (I don’t like creamy ishta much) just like I do with muffin tops! Its moist and sweetened just right <3 probably one of the best tasting basboosas I have ever tried <3 <3

Well done Fahad 😀 Very Ramadan-esque too 😀


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