Le Whif Breathers

I got a Foodspotting recommendation in my Spotter’s Digest few days ago about Le Whif Breathers! It was about Assorted Chocolates (dark chocolate, raspberry chocolate, and mint chocolate) breathers!

I checked out Le Whif Website and turned out they have more breathable flavors; vitamins and coffee (besides chocolate)

Apparently those are inhale-able breathers that gives you the taste of chocolate without the calories & without the chocolate touching your fingers, the kick of coffee without the cup & without coffee spills on your shirt… that kinda feeling! Its a simple quick puff that gives you a “Le Whif” taste experience (I wanna try that out!!!)


They’re selling at EUR1.80 per pack, EUR4.99 per 3 packs, and EUR24 for 18 packs



For some reason, I feel that I read about this before on some blog…. but cannot recall which blog!


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