Although I never admitted that I was caffeine addicted… I still wont admit that, but I have been having bad headaches lately! I do not know why, but I dont believe its coffee! Although I miss it, and I’m not drinking it as frequently as I did before Ramadan… I dont think its the reason behinf my headache! I also miss the “Besbressos” I had the last few days at my cousins’ before Ramadan! Below is a picture of me having one of her famous lattes!

On another note, I have Vitamin D Deficiency! I did blood tests and they showed a result of <10 (normal rate level should be somewhere 75)

As per the magazine article in the picture above, all you need is 15 minutes of sunlight (without sunscreen) + one cup of milk + 85gm serving of salmon OR 600-800 IUs of Vitamin D supplement! I have been looking for those supplements all over the place! They aren’t sold in pharmacies, and are only available in governmental clinics and hospitals! And I was prescribed to take four injections of Vitamin D over the course of four months which I refuse to do





Anyone knows where can I get Vitamin D supplement???

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