Hand Cooked Crisps

A while back I spotted a funky looking packaged chips at Starbucks under the brand name REAL Crisp

Although the packaging is funky and inviting… I really wanted to try it, but I’m not a big fan of chips – well…. I do attack them once in a while 😉 Specially when my lil sis Amoona (who is the chips supplier at home) stock our kitchen with it 😛 But that wasn’t the case this time…

I was shopping at Sultan Center AlShaab last week (loved it by the way) and spotted those potato chips bags again… I almost got a bag of each flavor (Hey!! I was fasting and as I said, they kinda tell you BUY ME!! TRY ME) 😛

First one I tried was the sea salt & black pepper… BIG disappointment! It was overly spiced with salt and pepper, actually it was a bit too salty for my taste :S But I loved the lady with the salt & pepper shakers and her white & black nail polish! Creative and funky

Second flavor I tried was the sweet chilli crisps

Again… big disappointment! Very spiced up! The use of the spices is just too much for my tastebuds to handle… I almost gave up on that brand, but I had two bags to go! But then again, funky art work – kinda funny too

Yesterday I held the sea salt flavored bag in my hand and was like… hmm what the hey! Let me give it a try – I was prepared for the worst, but it was actually better than the previous too! Surprisingly not too salty either! Maybe it was that old dude picture on the bag with his sweet smile? 😛

The last flavor I tried was the strong cheese & onion – my favorite by far! It wasn’t overly flavored, “strong cheese” kinda scared me with their already strong flavored bags… this one was just right 😉

All in all, the crips do feel fresh – I wouldn’t buy them again though, maybe only the strong cheese & onion flavored one! But now I have a mission to try another brand for Hand Cooked Crips, recommended to me by Qteefa – Tyrrell‘s – its on my “to try” list 😛

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