Gloria’s Gift Basket

Yesterday, I came home in the afternoon and our cook was like “Ansam!! You have a BIG BIG gift waiting for you!” I was like really? I wasn’t expecting anything that day… so I wanted to check it out… excited and all, I went it and found this HUGE basket from Gloria Jeans Coffee (Yes! Now I remember, a nice lady -Salma- talked to me a while back 😉 Thanks Salma)

It came with a letter addressed to me with a greeting for Ramadan’s last 10 days (العشر الأواخر) How thoughtful and nice of them 😀 Coffee to help you stay awake for prayers 😉

As soon as I unwrapped it, strong nice smell of coffee beans filled the room! It was such a tease! A tease that I enjoyed very very much 😀

The gift contained lots of yummies and goodies, from different kinds of crackers and biscuits, mini mug, two measure spoons, a box of English Breakfast Tea, two coffee tumblers, caramel syrup, coffee beans, and two bags of coffee labeled as Hazelnut and Nicaraguan 😉 I LOVED IT 😀

Thank you so much Salma and Gloria Jeans Coffee team 😀 You made my day 😀


Oh and let’s not forget that Gloria Jeans Coffee support Somalia – during the holy month of Ramadan, they will be donating  10% of your total purchases at their outlets to Somalia

For more updates, follow them on Twitter @GloriaJeans_KWT

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