Gloria Jeans – French Coffee at Home

As promised in my previous post, here is my Hazelnut French Coffee, as per Gloria Jeans demonstration video (link)

I went to the kitchen with the hazelnut coffee bag, the measure cup, the yummy crackes, and two cups of coffee!

I initially wanted to use the mini coffee mug they gave me, but I’m still enjoying the aroma of coffee beans in it 😉 Plus I wanted to make two cups… for my sister and myself 😉

I heated the amount of two mini cups (the size of cup you wanna drink – around 45ml) of hot water….

I waited till it just started to boil… I removed it from the stove

I used the measure spoon they gifted me a couple of days back (link)… a spoonful for each mini cup of coffee I want to prepare…. sugar is optional, you add it as per your desired taste

Stirred it well till it dissolved and then returned it back on the stove… It is recommended that you leave it for 30-45 seconds (or till it starts to boil) then I removed it from heat immediately and poured it into our cups

With some of their sweet and salty crackers on the side too  – we specially liked the fiber crackers (it was voted as the best packaged cracker by everyone at home)

It was SO GOOD 😀 Thank You Gloria Jeans for the gift and the tips 😉 I’m gonna try the Nicaraguan flavor tomorrow 😀

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