Florence – Day II – Class II

I know I know… its been a while since I last posted about Italy Trip, but I am back now and with more pictures (more FOOD pictures) so don’t say I didn’t warn you! So after an eventful afternoon walking to class… we finally got there to find Chef Ilaria preparing the ingredients for our second class 😀 A seafood feast and yummy dessert to come that night 😉

Preparing Shrimp Risotto 😉

Yummy… and time to cook some Shrimp Risotto now 😉

Crushing pistachios… for garnish and extra flavor 😉

On that day…. Faisal was the master of risotto! He really was into it and who at the end said “That was easy” (ترى الريزوتو سهل مايبيله شي)

Adding fresh Parmesan cheese… check out the pistachios getting ready to be added to the yummy dish

And not only did Chef Faisal cook that day, but also had the honor of trying it first and telling us how YUMMY it is 😀 And yummy it was!!! *sigh*

And thank you Noon for posing 😉

Moving on to the main course! Initially it was supposed to be seabass… but she got us another kind of fish, I forgot the name! But I will update you once I know

Chef Hejazi of Health Company jumped in the Kitchen that day… he looks happy to help, doesn’t he?

Fish fillets getting stacked up for us YUMMY!

Both chefs cutting, dicing, slicing, and chatting – multi tasking 😉

Some lemon and orange rind for zesty taste 😀

Mixed up with butter and crumbs….

And the end result, a buttery zesty paste – she refrigerated it in the same manner she did with the lambs earlier that day (link) spreading it on parchment paper and refrigerating it while she is getting everything else ready

The fillets sprinkled with olive oil… some salt and pepper for taste

The butter paste out of the fridge and cut into rectangular pieces on top of the fish fillets

and the end result – mouthwatering and very very yummy

Now for dessert… Noon was happy to take the lead, afterall, she is the queen of chocolate desserts –Powder– and the famous rocky road that I LOVE so much <3 <3

Oh and Fajir was happy to help here too… since she is not a big fan of fish and seafood in general, that was her long awaited dish of the day

She was busy beating eggs and brushing the foil cups

While Noon was teasing us!!! Look at hear and chocolate! They go perfectly hand in hand 😉

Time to fill the cups now and place’em in the oven

The glassy feel to them… look how they are reflecting on top


Placed on the plates with white chocolate sauce….

And dusted with powdered sugar… its snowing sugar! Check out that finger on the lower right corner… I bet its Elie‘s!!!

All warm and sweet…

And its all GONE now….

Oh and Noon had to have her all fancy and dressed up with fresh sliced apricot on top 😉

Stay tuned for my next post… I’m taking you to Rome 😉

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