Cravings: Baked Alaska Cake

I’m craving the Baked Alaska Cake SO MUCH!

The cake was SO POPULAR back in time… and its from the famous AlAlamiya Bakery (العالمية) It is basically made of cake layered with ice cream and covered in meringue <3 <3 amazing combi!

It comes in two sizes… a large one (shown in the last picture of this post) and a smaller portion (above) that I found in my picture albums while I was rearranging pictures and craved it SO MUCH!

Check out this beauty! Chocolate and vanilla ice cream layered with chocolate cake and covered in meringue… then baked to goodness!!! The trio goes very well together… the bite melts in your mouth with a spoonful of yumminess!


Those pictures were taken like a couple of years ago (or maybe last year? :S) I remember I ordered it because my little sister MoonZ don’t really know it – anything that was a trend pre-Iraqi invasion to Kuwait is not of her time!


BAD NEWS EVERYONE! I called Alalamiya to order one and they said they STOPPED MAKING IT! :'( So please if you know of anyone who makes Baked Alaska Cake (it has to be of the same quality or better) please drop me a line! Or call AlAlamiya and ask them for it… maybe the high demand will make them reconsider their decision 😛


Alalamiya Bakery Tel: 25656539

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