Clarification of The Avenues Warning

A couple of days ago, The Avenues posted a warning on local newspaper(s) in Kuwait that I came to know about from few blogs! I did not want to make a quick judgment and post about it, so I contacted a couple of my friends who work there to get some clarifications… they told me that the warning was misunderstood, but explained to me that it has to do with using their official logo, name, and info without permission… in which they have the right to… specially when someone creates an App for it using all this without giving them access or even taking their “good-to-go” approval! Although his/her efforts are highly appreciated (and I personally downloaded and loved the App) but I totally understand why they did that! I imagine if someone took my blog logo and info, created a wonderful and useful App for Ansam518, without taking my permission or giving me access to it! You know what I mean?


They also said that they will be issuing a clarification letter soon to explain it all!


This is the warning

Yesterday I got this clarification letter from Mr. Rashed AlHaroon from Marketing & Events Dept. It goes;


We would like to affirm to our friends and followers on social media networks that your efforts to follow activities of The Avenues Mall are greatly appreciated, and we always stand ready to provide you with the latest news.


With regard to the ad published in some of the newspapers, it refers to the use of the name and the logo of The Avenues Mall in some of the programs and projects on the World Wide Web, as well as to websites that are using the logo of The Avenues as their own logo when in fact they do not represent the company. This is in violation of intellectual property rights. The ad is in no way making reference to your coverage of our activities on social media networks, which is an aspect that we are always keen on further enhancing with you.


We thank you for your interest and we express appreciation for your efforts.


نود أن نؤكد لأصدقائنا ومتابعينا عبر شبكة التواصل الاجتماعي ان تواصلكم مع كل ما يتعلق بأنشطة الأفنيوز أمر مقدر وتشكرون عليه ونحن على استعداد دوما للتواصل وتزويدكم بأحدث الاخبار.


وفيما يخص الاعلان المنشور في بعض الصحف فهو يتعلق باستخدام اسم و شعار الأفنيوز في بعض البرامج والمشاريع عبر الشبكة الالكترونية وبعض المواقع التي تحمل شعار الأفنيوز كمستخدم رسمي في حين انها لا تمثل الشركة وهو أمر يتنافى مع حقوق الملكية الفكرية ، ولا يتعلق الاعلان بتغطيتكم ومتابعتكم عبر شبكة التواصل الاجتماعي التي تعتبر أحد الوسائل التي نحرص على تفعيلها معكم دوما


نشكرلكم اهتمامكم ونقدر دوما جهودكم


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