Boubyan Bank <3 WED

A while back, Boubyan Bank sent me few pictures to show their love for planet earth and that they celebrated the World Environment Day -WED- in many ways 😉

They gave out flyers with 15 suggested ways to help the planet…

One of the initiative they took (and Buzberry posted it last year) is distributing small ceramic pots that holds bamboo plants to all employees. It added a special touch and live to the place….

Another initiative was done when a couple of their employees went to the fish market and bought live large grouper fish (هامور) and took it back to the sea


Amazing work and we should all take part towards saving the planet we live in 😀 Well done Boubyan 😀



Thanks Saoud 😉

Follow Boubyan Bank on Twitter @Bankboubyan and LIKE their Facebook page (link) for more updates 😉

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