Angelina Jolie’s Journey in Cambodia

I have received an email newsletter from Louis Vuitton about Angelina Jolie’s journey to Cambodia! Its quite nice… and I love the pictures and video as well (link) (more here)




She talks about her experience, visits with the family there, and how to adapt so they can blend and have full experience… in a way not to hold on to those things that are your comfort of your home! One of the biggest things they did is letting her boys eat crickets (she didnt want her kids to be turned off by something of their culture) She said they ate them like dorritos that they brought to-go boxes and they all sat in the car eating them :S She ate tarantula on a stick too… with the fur :S :S


Anyways… she said it was really an education to her! She saw how some lived in extreme poverty but she said they are so at peace and kind… and so open too with what they’ve went through, while she imagined the things we complain about!


She thinks Cambodia is one of the most beautiful places on earth! I really want to visit it one day 😀 She also talk about how she adopted her boy! She was playing with bricks with that little boy on the floor…. Adoption at that point didnt make sense at the time, but something felt right and thats when she realized she met her son!


Very nice video! It includes some clips of the photo shoot too for Louis Vouitton 😉 Angelina Jolie is so beautiful in her own way!


Watch it when you have time 🙂


For more, check out their Facebook Page (link) and follow them on Twitter @LouisVuitton_HQ

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