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About a month ago, I passed by AlSeef Hospital and spotted those funky ads (Dudette from 7ajiDude posted about them here)

Very creative, very different, and funny in some way! We’re not used to such ads in hospitals here in Kuwait so this makes’em all light hearted and unique!


A couple of days ago I received information from AlSeef Hospital Marketing Team about one of their new services; Stretch Mark Removal Procedure

As explained the email: Stretch marks often affect women in pregnancy, but they can also be brought about by adolescent growth spurts, hormones, weight gain or weight loss, steroid use, bodybuilding – and sometimes there seems to be no reason at all!


So what are stretch marks? How are they formed?


Well… a stretch mark is actually a tear in the dermis of the skin. It occurs when skin is stretched beyond its natural ability to adjust to changes in volume accommodation. The tears are usually linear and can be very short, or as in the case of pregnancy, span many inches. Stretch marks appear as purple and red marks that turn white in the course of time.


Is it treatable?


Because the tear is permanent, the only remedy is to force a collagen response to rebuild some of the collagen support layer adjacent to the mark. Fraxel laser “turns on” the collagen rebuilding by the use of heat delivered into the deeper layer of the skin. As the collagen is restored, the tear in the dermis shrinks and the mark is less visible.


What is the procedure?


Many cases of stretch marks generally need 3 to 5 Fraxel treatments. First the area to be treated is cleansed totally and then topical anesthetic is applied for half an hour. Both patient and the doctor need to wear preventive eye wear during the treatment. Hand piece of the laser is passed over the skin. The treatment takes almost 25 to 30 minutes relying on the size of area being treated. Recovery from Fraxel laser treatment may result into mild sunburn, flaking and peeling. The skin will slowly improve over the time with the several treatments. The patient can make use of skin care products that the doctor thinks are essential for the recovery. Patient must evade sun exposure and have follow up care. As the skin can flake, peel and bruise, patient must stay out of the sun. If the treatment area is in a place where it gets exposed to the sun, the patient should usea sun block. Skin will need minimum 2 to 3 weeks to cure before patient may undergo any other treatment. Patient should moisturize your skin with the suggested productsafter the Fraxel laser treatment. Patient can even make use of a concealing makeup if the treated skin is noticeable.

For reservations and inquiries you can call 25764223 – 60010215


Thanks Fatma 😉

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