A Day With NBK PR Team

I received an email from Badria AlRushaid – NBK‘s PR Team to spend a day visiting children in Kuwaiti hospitals in AlSabah Medical District with them. I, with no hesitation, said yes! Anything that is good for the soul – specially in this holy month of Ramadan – will leave me with a “feel good” mood 😉 So I met them first at NBK’s Children Hospital last Monday at around 11:00AM

The lobby had a playing area for kids… it was a day full of mixed feelings!

The hospital was decorated with Ramadani lanterns on the ceiling… just adding a special touch and feel to the place 😉

Then we met with KACCH team

and went into the Play Room to spend some time with them and give them early Eid gifts

The play room was also decorated with special touches all over… I think its the work of KACCH team and the children together

As I was snapping pictures away, I saw how NBK’s PR staff members quickly got into conversations with the kids, playing around with them, talking, hugging… it was very touching! You get a happy feeling just when you make one of those kids smile… Here is Yacob coloring with this little boy!

They quickly bonded… the boy was following him around – cute 😉

Zaina played with this little girl… who was sitting quietly all alone…

and soon moved to play another game with another girl… flying like a social butterfly with her gentle warm smile

Aresh got in the picture with a big gift and a big smile from that girl 😀

Another gift to another girl… it was a nice feeling, I mean to be part of this! To witness how you can make a child, sick child, day brighter by simple gestures

Here is Noor playing with a young girl! Noor joined the PR team on the day, I believe she is the daughter of one of NBK’s staff members

She was GREAT with kids, I really believe that it wasn’t her first interaction with them! She knew her way around kids and how to get them to talk and play with her… her smiles, and her tears – she was amazing!

Look how she is with them… isn’t she fabulous!!

Arsh playing catch the fish with this cute little girl… to have her smile out of joy 😉 I bet that made his day 😀 He looks happy too

Here is another boy bonding with him, Diego 😉

No matter how many words I type, I wont be able to take you to the actual atmosphere and feel I experienced that day with them

This little boy asked me to take his picture… he said I wanna give you a BIG smile… he sure did 😉

Diego unwrapping his gift with his mother (she was so sweet by the way)

Everyone got into it… really 😀

And a group picture 😀 😀

Then we walked around to other kids in their room… who were either too young to join us in the play room, or too sick to move out of bed (I couldn’t take pictures of everyone)!

This little baby… all smile – I pray for all those kids’ quick recovery

Then we walked to the other ward of the hospital… First kid we ran into was Mubarak! The nurses called him a “Hero”

The nurses (or angels) behind the scenes… the ones with the caring hands and soft touches! God bless them 🙂

And with NBK’s team

And with their doctor…

The Noor, before leaving the hospital played with the kids some more… she is such a sweetheart

After NBK’s Hospital, we headed to Ibn Sina

That little girl – God bless her – I wish her and all the kids a speedy recovery! She was the star of the day! All attention given to her, which she didnt mind at all

That poor boy just got out of an operation, and he was still out of it 🙁 Poor boy! I hope he gets well so soon

And again we met with KACCH team there

Another play room designed for kids… I remember when my nephew was in Ibn Sina few years back for his appendicitis! That day I saw many kids with many cases… nevertheless, we were there to try and brighten their day for them

Visiting kids in their room, who couldnt make it to the play room

And one last picture – a group picture of NBK’s team with some Ibn Sina staff members, doctor, and the young girl in the wheelchair… May god bless you all 😀

NBK! Thank you for including me in such a wonderful activity that left me with a good feeling all day that day 😀 Thanks a million

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