Turkish Airlines

I am back from my Cooking Trip! I flew Turkish Airlines on my way to Italy with a company, but stayed like a day behind and came back on Etihad Airways!

The plane from Kuwait to Istanbul was old… leg room was tiny (I was flying economy)! The one we took after the transit in Istanbul to Bologna was better and newer (I heard the ones to the States are their best). We flew from Kuwait pretty early in the morning! I was a dead woman walking by the time we got to Istanbul – Ataturk International Airport –

The airport is big and spacious! It actually looks like a shopping mall… specially when you walk here in the open space in the middle of the duty free shopping!

I loved the grey floor here

I was a dead woman walking so all I wanted was good black coffee…. I settled for NERO! It was not bad at all…. then off to the plane again to catch our flight to Italy

I opted for fish for my lunch… it was good! The crew members of Turkish Airlines are friendly and smiley… but the leg room was my issue :S

Oh look! Apparently the real story behind the word “Tuz” meaning salt in Turkish is true after all?? (ملح بالتركي طز)

Before we landed I asked for tea…. gotta do something about my headache now 😛 Oh and what was I reading while having my tea? Dathra’s stories of course 😉

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