Street Signs in Italy

I could not help but notice the very nice, and some creative, street signs in Italy! (you can click all images below to enlarge)


Check this one out… specifically the “Do Not Enter” – It shows a man carrying the white bar! LOL I LOVED IT!

Oh and the Emergency Assembly Point that I keep posting about in Italian! Punto di Raccolta (If you’ve been following my blog, you know I like to post about this sign and I spotted in quite a few places)

Oh this one is nice! An arrow going through a heart <3

And another one on another street

This one is for crossing and its pretty old and worn off

I dont know what the white plain one with a round circle means… any idea???

School… gotta love the girl’s ponytail! 😉

And because Just Noon noticed I have been clicking pictures of different signs, she clicked this one for me.. an arrow pointing up with an angel halo! Just like Noon, the angel 😉

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