Stop Trafficking of Children & Young People

I was invited by Ms. Rawan AlEisa from Al Shaya Group to take part in the Handover Event to “Stop The Trafficking of Children & Young People” (link)

And event organized by The Body Shop – Kuwait partnering with ecpatLINK!

I arrived just few seconds before they started – GOOD timing 😉

Ms. Dalal Al Jassir, of Al Shaya group, gave the introductory brief of the event and presented the guest speakers

Then Mr. Brett Lilley, The Body Shop’s Business Manager, talked about The Body Shop initiative… and their aim not to just campaign for a change, but creating a change!

Dr. Adam Abdelmoula – The UNDP Representative – then took the mike and spoke about it even more and how it is important to raise awareness about this issue

The attendees were mainly from The Body Shop management team and store staff + media and few guests

Ms. AlJassir was wrapping up and asked the guests to sign petitions too! I did my part 😉

Their enthusiastic team with their guest 😀

Mr. Abdelmoula now is signing the scrapbook – and tracing his hand as well 😉

My petition 😉

Then the sweet Ms. Rawan AlEisa showed me the scrapbook they make – which they are planning to send to the UN by September… and asked me to sign it as well! It includes signatures, pictures, in-store signing petitions, employees in the head office, and much more

They also offered us all refreshments… courtesy of Starbucks 😉

And my media kit included a funky book mark – me likey 😉


Thank you Rawan & Dalal for inviting me 😀 Anything for a good cause 😀

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