Shout Out To Sponsors :D

I would like to welcome and introduce my new sponsor to you… Istanbuliya (اسطنبولية)

As we were arranging for the sponsorship and all… They sent me two boxes of it (how super sweet and thoughtful)

We kept one at home for our friends’ weekly gathering….

And it was honestly a hit! Girls were raving about how light and yummy it is… it was not TOO sweet either!  They were coping the phone number of the box! Perfect to get for upcoming Ramadan gatherings

My dad took the other box to Diwaniya! He, apparently, was not new to Istanbuliyah and he said it was so good and that I cannot keep both boxes for myself LOL!

I honestly am not a BIG fan of baklawa and Arabic sweets, but I could not help but try a piece… that was followed by a couple more! It was really good!
Anyways… to order, call 96666150

From their Facebook Page (link)

“With top fresh ingredients .. Istanbuliyah will always stand out for the top, best of its kind.. We are always committed to give our customers the highest quality ingredient sweet.”

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