Recommended: Almond Milk

When The Diet Ninja posted about the Almond Milk a while back, I asked my sister -who was shopping at Sultan Center– to get me some!

Its great for me since I’m lactose intolerant and not a big fan of soy milk :S Ohhh and did I mention how much I love almonds 😉 Not only they are good for your health but they taste good too 😉

Now the taste? Well… just as Fahad explained it… a bit sweetened, nutty (like Fahad said) and similar to the famous baithan drink (traditional almond drink)! The feel of it is heavier and creamier than skimmed milk (which is what I used to drink) – but its not heavy on the stomach!

Oh and its made without soy, lactose, cholesterol, and GLUTEN (specially dedicated to Danderma’s post)

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