Ramadan With Lenôtre

It looks like Lenôtre, one of MMC‘s restaurants, has prepared a full program this year for their guests! For starters, they are having Graish tomorrow and the day after (July 30th-31st). A set menu for the price of KD13 per person!

And for the first time in Lenôtre, they will be opening for Futoor! In previous years, they opened their doors for their guests for dinner/ghabga/suhoor during Ramadan, but this year its different 😉

A new revamped Ramadan ambiance where you can enjoy an exquisite Futoor menu with extravagant selection of drinks, soups, salads, platters, desserts…. and more! It will be also priced at KD13 per person

The Boutique will also introduce new dishes this year! Two kinds of Ramadan-esque ice creams; rose & rahash and four kinds of Ramadan-esque desserts; Cheese Kunafa, Chocolate Rice Pudding, Layali Ramdan with Honey, and Marble Cheesecake & Cream of Sesame!

Not to mention their Catering – which never disappointed me or anyone I know for that matter… this Ramadan they are offering to do outside catering with new Ramadan menu items to be set in an iftar, ghabga, or suhoor buffet anywhere in Kuwait.


Wait… thats not it… I have some pictures to tease you with of their Ramadani dishes 😉

Cheese Kunafa… check out the plates and the colors! Those were made specially for Ramadan 2011!

Chocolate Rice Pudding for the chocolate lovers 😉

Layali Ramadan with Honey

Marble Cheesecake & Cream of Sesame

Rose flavored ice cream above and rahash below! Both will be on my “MUST try list” as I am a fan of both, rose & rahash <3

Moving on to pictures of the Iftar Buffet and Iftar food Items… ready?

Check out the colors of dishes and pots….. and the mouthwatering items!!!

First you start with the buffet salads and soups… before you get your futoor on the table

It looks like it will be dates, raviolis, kibbeh bel laban(كبة باللبن), pasta with pesto sauce, shrimp filo, chicken muchboos(مجبوس دجاج), and murabyan – shrimp (مربين)!

And dessert! Look at those scoops of ice cream in the back! YUMMO!


You can find the whole priced menu on Kuwait Paper Dump (link)

For more check out:
MMC Website (link)
Lenôtre (link)
Facebook (link)
Twitter (link)


For reservations and inquiries call 1805050 Ext. 25

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