Ponte Vecchio Padlocks

If you walk by Ponte Vecchio (the old bridge in Florence, Italy) you will notice many padlocks locked on various handrails

This in fact isn’t an old tradition, but rather a new trend that started and turned very tourist-y!

The legend goes that if you and your lover attach a padlock there and then throw the key away in the Arno River below it, your love will last forever! A tradition most likely started by a padlock shop owner in the area and it attracted MANY – specially tourists 😛

So a lot of couples come daily to the bridge and many of which come specifically for this… to lock in their love and throw away the key.. to become eternally bonded!

I caught those two couples walking by one of the rails <3 CUTE!!!

Although it may seem romantic and all, those padlocks get removed frequently, which in return contribute to damaging this old bridge and its surroundings! I think if you are caught in the act, you get fined! So just like the couples in the picture above, lovers would come and walk by it… sometimes touch them, the ones that were “lucky” enough to stay intact… and by doing so, some luck may reflect on their love lives as well (a new tradition :P)

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