Pavilion of Kuwait

As soon as I read Mark’s post on Pavilion of Kuwait (link) I ran to my huge vase that I use as a home of my collection of matches (link) that I collect from all over the place and I found it…. a match box that I kept! The one I got from Pavilion of Kuwait back in 1992 when I visited the expo in Seville, Spain as a kid! I STILL HAVE IT 😀

I remember the expo very well! It was nice and we usually stay in our summer apartment in Malaga, Spain, but went to Seville for a couple of days and stayed there to visit Sevilla Expo 92 (which then was turned to Isla Magica – A theme park – that we visited again about 10 years later in 2002 or 2003)


Back in 1992 we had a passport made just for the expo where you can get it stamped for every pavilion/section you visit of different countries… Japan was AMAZING, Kuwait’s Pavilion was beautifully done – loved the architecture…. Morocco’s section was amazing with a fountain and a huge hexagonal (or octagonal) tower is turned to a ride in the new theme park similar to “Needle Shot” in Al Shaab Park in Kuwait!


Wish they make another expo with the same scale as this one! It was HUGE and I do have pictures of it somewhere (before the digital era)! *sigh*


Thank you Mark for bringing back such memories 😀

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