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Actually its a group called Art Touch Studio (link) and I was at their actual studio earlier this morning, and I’m preparing a post about it (most likely to be posted tomorrow – so stay tuned). Here are few of their pictures (taken from their group on Facebook)

Love their style… its different and its unique! I really enjoyed my visit to their studio…. and I cannot wait to share it with you all on my blog 😀

Their photography goes into many branches; commercial, portrait, modeling, fashion, food, outdoor & in door…. plus new born children! They can come and take pictures from DAY I with their move studio!


The pictures can be printed on canvas and/or posters… and they can be on cards, panera, cups/mugs, invitation cards, bags, shirts and more 😉

If interested, they are located in Galleria 2000 in Salmiya and their Tel # is 97306099

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