Movies’ Copy Rights?

I’m sure many of you have seen (or at least heard of) the 1990 movie “Pretty Woman” starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere




But have you seen the Arabic version of it? Al Jeans (الجينز – بطولة جالا فهمي و فاروق الفيشاوي) – Starring Gala Fahmi & Farouk Al Fishawi?

Not only did they copy the movie but also photo-shop Gala Fahmi into Julia’s body And AlFishawi in Gere’s body (check the poster above! LOL) & almost all scenes are exactly the same…. only the scenes are shot in Egypt, not California…. & the dialogue is in Egyptian not English!!! I believe there is another similar version starring Elham Shaheen (الهام شاهين) but I’m not sure?!

Seriously it should have been written as “Translated by Sharif Sha’ban” (المفروض يكتبون ترجمة شريف شعبان)


I mean not only did they copy the movie but also the script – almost exactly the same! Even when they talk money – Julia would charge USD5 for directions and Gala would charge EGP5 for the same! When Julia is shopping, the sales lady guesses her size is 6… and so was Gala when she was shopping (seriously??) – I honestly think Al Jeans is a really bad replica of Pretty Woman! It lacks creativity and Gala Fahmi is not as half beautiful as Julia Roberts and I dont want to start on the fashion and style sense here – Good thing the movie title wasn’t translated to (امرأة جميلة)!!!!


To Watch Al Jeans, click here!

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