Maki AlSalhiya

Noufa called me around noon earlier telling me that Maki just opened in Al Salhiya so we decided to drop by for lunch! It was around 1:30PM when I got there…. the entrance to the complex with Maki flags 😉

Loved the interiors… reminded me of Maki – Burj Jassim the most, though the one in Salhiya feels more spacious and brighter… sunlight in which gave it a warmer nicer feeling! Same squid-like lights there too

We were given iPads instead of menus! It was fun browsing through their items with pictures… well you have both option, a regular menu on the iPad or the photo album one which we opted for! Pictures were such a tease

I ordered a bottle of water and green tea… Noufa ordered Coca Cola light

We ordered our usual salad, Edamame Salad… but because the pictures were so inviting we ordered another salad which is called Maki Chef Special Salad which turned out to be so good…. a bit on the spicy side, but I loved it – its on our approved list

Edamame with spicy sauce on the side, just like how Noufa likes it… which can also give me the pleasure of having it plain with soy sauce! Somewhat we both felt it taste fresher and crispier…. the spicy sauce was a bit oily to be honest

Prawn Plum Sauce… a dish that I love on both, Chicken and Shrimp! It was amazing

Salmon Sashimi (Shake) cut into thinner slices than the usual… I wanted it as close to Usuzukuri as possible 😉 Very fleshy and very buttery-texture wise – which is something good when you want to consume fatty fish!

And this dish – Suha Ume Maki (a first time try for us)… The rolls are wrapped up in pink sheet, which I was told made of plum or something… it was a bit salty for my taste

And after we asked them for the check they sent us a complimentary dish called Vegas Spring Roll… it was good! Though I am not a huge fan of spring Rolls – nice gesture 😉

All in all…. Maki AlSalhiya – you seem to be our new favorite Maki location! Its quite nice and the services is superb! Plus, we were the second customers ever (first female customers) 😉


We would like to take the chance to thank the very friendly team there for giving us the royal treatment – the manager Mr. Hassan Ibrahim, the famous Mr. Tawfiq, and their PR manager Ms. Tamara Saab who kept on checking on us and was the one to inform us that we were the first female customers in the restaurant 😉

Our total came to KD26.500

Maki – Salhiya Branch is located on the Mezzanine Level and their Tel # is 22479720/1

Twitter: @MakiRest

Facebook (link)

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