Lovin’ Oven – Saffron Cheesecake

Last Friday gathering we saw this box waiting for us on the table

My friend L wanted us to try it since she loves it so much… it was Saffron Cheesecake

The cheesecake is sprinkled generously with slivered pistachio on top of the cheesecake itself, which was rich yellow! At first we didn’t know what to expect

I mean cheesecake, pistachio, saffron… you know! But being the adventurous me I took a slice 😉 My friend Hayoona was sitting next to me and was like “Oh no! This looks too sweet for my taste, I cant even have a bit”

I took a bite and was like… Whoa! Did not expect it to be that good! Its full of flavor and it was not overly sweet… the top was sprinkled with spices which added to the flavor! Hayoona could not help but grab a fork to try a bite! Her bite was followed by a couple more! She is pregnant, I let her off the hook of sharing my food!


The cheesecake was really done nicely 😉 The right balance of richness of its ingredients, the creamy texture with saffron flavor and the added spices on top was amazing. The crust wasn’t oily 😉 A slice of goodness 😀


Its a great dessert idea in a gathering for Ramadan 😉

You can contact them by calling: 55509904


I have reviewed a home-business bakery before with the same name (link) but I don’t think its the same one :S!?!?

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