Local -Summer Bright- Tees

Local Tees is a Kuwaiti small business that was established back in 2010 and born on an original idea by three young Kuwaitis! Their Tees are limited edition with high quality fabric… done with creativity and lots of love! Their work is represented on 50 tees only with edition numbers to ensure no reprints will be forced 😉

I’m on their newsletter and I have been following them for a while now… they have been doing an amazing job with their website/blog/@LocalTees! Their designs are unique… and you can tell from their website! Unusual and with great music selection (love Ya Warditi Ya Nidiyya) and graphics too 😉 Gotta love the dancing lady on the lower left corner LOL


Anyways…. this time they are back with Summer Bright Tees!

Two Tees… First one is called MUSIC by Lewis JC – Basic crew, grey melange, and 100% knitted cotton. Second one is called Watercolors by William Henry Basic crew, light blue, and 100% knitted cotton. Price tag for each? KD20

Buy there here (link)

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