Life With Cacao – July Highlight

Earlier this month I was contacted by the super nice marketing team of Life with Cacao to try out their July Highlight CHOSCUIT by Munai AlSabah! I tried May’s Highlight and reviewed it too (link)

I missed June’s highlight and their team contacted me to come by whenever I wanted to try it… but it was just a crazy busy month for me… and as for July – well, I felt really bad of how nice they were and how much they wanted me to try it out and how many times I could not make it s0 guess what? They sent me one home! I mean can they be any sweeter? Can I feel more special and flattered???

I came home from lunch out to find this box waiting for me… LOVED the packaging and the personalized greeting for me!

Along with the greeting is a printed flyer.. the Highlight, Choscuit, is made of chocolate ganache over a biscuit base… topped with chocolate sauce and crunchy chocolate mini balls…. which you can have a la mode with vanilla ice cream 😉

The way it is presented for a home delivered item is fabulous!

So I copied the picture…. and voila!

Just as I expected it… very yummy (this is coming from a person who is not much into chocolate-y desserts)

This is one rich treat that can be shared – and I do not share food you know! The portion is very generous and I wonder if Ms. Munai makes’em in bite size because they would be an amazing coffee sweet for special events!
Anyways… Choscuit was released on July 3rd and will go on till July 17th…. so if you haven’t tried it yet, what are you waiting for?


For more, check out Life with Cacao on Facebook (link) and follow them on Twitter: @LifeWithCacao

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