Hotel de la Ville – Florence

After our horrible experience with the first hotel (link), the company worked hard on making it up to us… so we came back to a MUCH nicer hotel, Hotel de la Ville (Four Stars Hotel) 😉

As you can see… its located exactly opposite to Chiesa dei Santi Michele e Gaetan Church we visited on the first day (link) – on Piazza degli Antinori


The hotel staff were very professional and super friendly (specially Mr. Gianni – whom I talked to the most and who is always full of smiles)…. anyways, each one of us were given the keys to their rooms… I was assigned with JustNoon! We went to our… ahem… suite 😉 Yeah, you read that right SUITE – which was the perfect treat for us after the previous hotel

Specious fully equipped bathroom….

Very comfy twin beds (in the pic above they are pushed together and look like a king size bed)….. but the room was really spacious and comfy!

We were so happy with it… we kept teasing everyone in the group (our room was the nicest) 😉 Lucky us!

Living room area was on the floor below… with TV and closets area too

The staff members were always helpful and nice to us! The breakfast buffet has more selection of food, and their coffee tasted good too! Plus it is located in a nice area with lots of shopping boutiques… the good kind of shopping boutiques 😉

Wonder what she got in her orange bag <3

And the hotel is so so close to Piazza della Repubblica which leads to other shops on the way to it and on the way to other Piazzas… it was such a nice location, nice rooms, and great staff 😉



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