Grand Hayatt – Dubai

While in Dubai last month, we stayed at Grand Hayatt Hotel where the wedding we were invited to was held at.

It was our second time staying at this hotel… first time was few years back. Anyways, the hotel itself is HUGE and the rooms are spacious.

There is a walk-in closet, bathroom with bathtub and shower, and the room itself which contains the bed, desk, mini bar…etc

The shampoo and shower gel products were branded with “PURE” which I liked very much. The smell was spa-like products

There are tins of coffees and teas + sugar! I was surprised to see that they were lipton and nescafe branded! Nothing against those brands, but you know 😉 Nevertheless, there were various flavors to choose from 😉

The hotel is also environmental friendly and offer daily change of linens and towels unless you request otherwise… if you wanna be environmental friendly and save the natural resources too 😉

We, my family members and I, were all located on the same floor, I went to one of the rooms and got me an apple to eat… one of the staff member asked me if I had any in my room when he so me walking with an apple from one room to the other, I said “No” and came back to my room to find a bowl full of fruit and roses 😉 Nice move

My only take is that their services were faster in the previous visit few years back… also, I did not like the fact that there was no WiFi Internet connections in our rooms! The concierge team gave me mixed feelings! Some were super friendly and helpful… others were, well…. I don’t know how to say this, but I am just gonna say no so “cooperative”!

Oh and their room service (link) is FABULOUS! Yummm!

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