Glits – Girls Beauty Salon

The team of Glits Girls Beauty Salon believe that everyone needs a little pampering to relax, refresh and shine… specially young ladies/girls 😉 in order to develop good grooming habits too!


At Glits, the door is open to those young girls to enter the world of beauty in a way that suits their age and needs!

I like the idea of having specialized salon for young ladies with services appropriate to their age…. in a clean and safe environment with high quality services!

It sure sounds like fun…. as I can see little girls gatherings or having a special supervised day out for birthdays and special occasions for salon and spa services that are exclusive and specially made to fit their age criteria 😉

This Ramadan, they prepared a special program which includes Hair Coif, Simple Makeup, Express Mani with colorful polish and crystals, Hand Glitter Tattoo, and a Photo + Gergai’an Giveaway 😀 According to their Facebook page, this package is priced at KD15 😉


Oh and they also offer “Me & Mama time” where mothers can benefit from our services whilst enjoying the beauty session with her daughter (quality time 😉 nice)

I got the following from their Facebook Page:


نحن نؤمن ان كل شخص يحتاج قليلا من التدليل والاسترخاء والتحديث والتألق لينتعش ويشرق… خاصة الفتيات الصغيرات …
في جلتس… نحن نفتح المجال امام الفتيات للدخول في عالم الجمال الذي يهوينه بشكل يلائم سنهم واحتياجاتهم…سوف يحظين بالخصوصيه التامه مع التمتع بكافة خدمات العناية بالشعر والاظافر عالية الجوده والمناسبه لفئتهم العمريه… وذلك في بيئة نظيفة وآمنه.
كلنا في جلتس متحمسون… للأننا سنكون الأول في الكويت لتقديم خدمات الصالون والسبا
!حصريا للفتيات


They’re located in Al Sha’ab AlBahri on Gulf Road – Al Dana Plaza Building – Tel: 22632300 – e-mail: [email protected]

Facebook Page (link)

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