Gelato Italiano “Stickaway”

As soon as I saw MVMJ’s post about the new Gelato Italiano Sticks I called her up and asked her for some… she called the store up and turned out they had about 20 pieces left

I asked her to keep’em all for me – since they are made with limited quantities – and went to pick them up the very next day! They turned into a hit at our family lunch/gathering… and later with our friends at night! Here are some of the pictures

They come individually wrapped… I tried a couple of them and both were vanilla, but one was chocolate covered with glazed nuts and the other was somewhat caramel-esque covered with nuts also… they were both good but I liked the latter more – Not much into too chocolate-y stuff 😛 !! My cousin had a remark though and she thought the covering layer is a bit too sweet (she had the strawberry covered in strawberry)

And I thank my nephews; Ahmed, Essa, and Saleh for modeling and posing 😛 I love you guys :***

Gelato Italiano is located in Al Gaz Tower on Ahmed AlJaber St in Sharq – Kuwait City, and their Tel # is 22434434

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