Flowering Tea

Last night a couple of our friends were visiting us at home, Farah was drinking some sort of flowering tea… as soon as I saw it (Jasmine) I asked her where she got it from!!

She said from our house! LOL silly me! I look at the tin and I’m like… since when did we have this? Is it from Dubai or China? I can’t really remember

I wanted to have a cup… the flower bundles come sealed, two in each bag

I dropped mine in semi hot water and waited….. its nice to watch something that is dry, lumpy, and not attractive looking turn into something bloom-y and nice! It only takes few minutes! Just check out the names when you buy’em… how attractive they are and carefully chosen… tea “pearls”

I remembered the tea class I attended with my sister Mimmi in Taiwan few years back. They are usually served in glass tea pot or tall glasses that you can see through how the bundle will open up into a blooming flower! It is basically made of dried tea leaves and flower(s) that are bundled up together

The tea was fabulous and aromatic! As a matter of fact, jasmine tea is one of my favorite herbal teas…

You can use that same bundle a couple of more times and the tea would still taste great

I believe the whole process of watching the flowering tea and drinking it makes up for more than half the experience!


Whats your favorite herbal tea? Do  you have special rituals when you drink’em?

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