Florence – Day II – Part I

Our second day in Florence was a pretty busy one! We got up so early to leave with our lovely new tour guide Ms. Silvia Maccari! We had some issues with our hotel (which I will be posting about soon) so we got stalled and did not leave as planned!

We all got out wearing our matching Tees “iO <3 La Cucina Italiana”! It got us a lot of attention LOL

We roamed around the city snapping pictures as we go – you know! The usual 😉 We got into a flea market with lots of goodies!

Tees, pullovers, leather goods, accessories, footwear… you name it! Check those I <3 NY Italia Tees LOL

Venetian masks…

Some accessories and a… mini pot?

Accessories… mainly Murano glass art work

Some cough-fake-cough leather goods!!!!! They run away when police are by! Wish they do the same in Kuwait 😛

Some more Tees!!! Reminded me of Danderma’s post! Seems the trend is catching up everywhere 😛

Shoes, sandals, slippers…… etc!

San Lorenzo Market (the flea market outside) now lets check the old covered market

Lets take another virtual tour here (I love taking you on virtual tours with me on my blog)…. the market is full of surprises, items to choose from! You can go in and have a bite too! Check those nuts! Love the display

Roses – alas, plastic ones!

And check this out!

The insides of animals… with meat!

It is supposedly a traditional breakfast! You come in, place an order… the butcher slice up some meat for you and top it up with chili or pesto sauce! Some of the juices in the broth as well!!! Not my cup of coffee 😛

Lovely Silvia explaining things to us all the way!

Say CHEESE! Ohhhh Gorgonzola <3

Oh that is totally unappetizing to me :S Seeing the head of the animal with the body! I guess I can never get used to it this way :S Mr. Rooster

Mr. Ugly Duckly :S

Dead honey bunnies!!!

Featherless pigeon!!! :S

Mooooooving on!!!!!!

Dry fruit… many many kinds!

Cherries! Ohhh yummmmmmmmm! Noon got some! Good thing I was her roommate during our trip 😉

Zucchinis! I LOVE zucchini so so so much!

Those are some HUGE bellpeppers!!!

This vendor staff must be one of the friendliest! They were so happy to have us checking out their items and asking us to try everything!

I tried those sundried tomatoes! Boy oh boy! they were FULL of flavor <3

Oh and Noon wanted to buy a fig, they gave it to her for free… and she did the pay it forward thing and gave me half of it 😛

We also got to taste some of their products like balsamic vinegar

More and more fruit for us… as soon as I spotted the white peaches (top left corner) I knew I had to have one

Almost everyone in the group picked a fruit item or two!

Mine was SWEEEEEET! Loved it

Now whats next……

For those who are busy in their daily lives or do not have time (or don’t know how to cook) can buy the marinated meat cuts ready to be cooked in the oven

Can you guess what kind of meat in the picture below????

Horse meat! 😉 Anyone tried it before????? Okaaay! Moving on to SEAFOOD!

Italian food is not only pasta and pizza! Its seafood… lots of yummy seafood

But there is always pasta… lots of pastas and many sauces to pick from here at this vendor

So… Pasta anyone???

After this long walk around the old market… how about we stop to get some gelato! Our lovely tour guide suggested we try this gelato parlor called “Festival del Gelato”

Mouthwatering display 😀

I got the nutella with rice milk – absolutely fabulous! I enjoyed every tiny bit of it!

Then it was almost time for our first cooking class… so we headed to there via Ponte Vecchio (the old bridge – existed since the 10th century and survived the floods of 1666) which is known to have lots of jewelers – a quick fact? Only goldsmiths are allowed to have shops on the bridge! (I will prepare a post for the bridges)

We’re almost there…..

To be continued……

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