Florence – Day I

As many of you -already- know, I was in Florence, Italy, last week! We took a very early flight to Bologna and then drove to Firenze, AKA Florence.

The weather was nice… the drive was smooth, with lots of beautiful sight-seeing/scenery! Green everywhere, blue skies, fresh air…  Oh and I spotted quite a few Q8 Gas Stations on the way… this is one of which 😉

We arrived Florence in the afternoon… it’s not my first visit to the city 😉 I actually love it and I love the colorful buildings and the historical places, museums, restaurants, and shopping!

We met our tour guide, Michele Colloca… who walked with us around Florence

If you have been following my travel posts, you know how much I am facinated by street vendors 😉

Here is the area across from the train station

It is also where the Basilica of Santa Maria Novella is located

That’s Michele 😉

We continued walking through the city… snapping many many different pictures while walking

This Church, Chiesa dei Santi Michele e Gaetan, is located in Piazza degli Antinori…. lots of brand shops/boutiques in this area too 😉

If you are in the area, drop by… the inside of the church is worth seeing 😉 Walls are dark grey with lots of statues (apostles and evangelists)

Its pretty old church…

Walking around the city even more… we reached Palazzo Strozzi

An old Palace built back in the 15th century for the Strozzi family…. as many of you may know, Florence was the Medici family home! They were one of the big shot noble families… and rivals to the Strozzi’s! I think that is what I heard from the tour guide :S

The palace is HUGE and is now used to host exhibitions, galleries, and have a book shop inside as well! Check out the beautiful facade…

Moving on to Piazza della Republica – a famous square in Florence with their famous Italian department store La Rinascente!

We kept walking and walking… I was enjoying the tour of the city so much! Last time I visited was few years ago, and it was great to be back in Florence 😀

Since everyone was starving, we made a quick stop at a pizzeria recommended by Michele…

Pizzeria ToTo on Via Dante Alighieri

The margherita looked so YUMMY and fresh out of the oven! The aroma was just too impossible to be resisted

I had a slice for EUR2

After I ate my slice, which hit the spot just right I took a look around the tiny little restaurant…

I noticed the margherita pizza was all gone LOL! We literally attacked it

Framed pictures on the walls

There was no seating area, just an L-shape marble bar with stools that we sat on alternatively while eating 🙂

After our pizza energy boost, we continued walking… and as I was walking I was admiring and appreciating the beautiful colorful buildings and the architecture

The warm colored buildings and green wooden window shutters

And we reached the Duomo… The Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore

Busy area around it… in Piazza del Duomo

And more street vendors…

We then headed to Accademia di Belle Arti Firenze (Florence Academy of Fine Art) where the famous Michelangelo’s Statue of David is (and no photography was allowed 🙁 *sigh*)! It is a masterpiece… a standing, nude, male statue representing a hero called David! He have his classic pose with his sling… we arrived SO LATE to the museum, and although I have been to it before, I seemed to be the most upset person in the group LOL!


Well… I have pictures of its replicas one in Palazzo della Signoria and the other one (below) is a bronze one I have taken few years ago from some cliffs overlooking Florence

and on those cliffs, I waited for sunset to take a picture of Florence…. check out the Duomo in it

I hope you enjoyed my virtual tour of my first day in Florence… Next day will be about exploring the city some more, visiting some markets, and have our first cooking class 😉


Check out Day I from Just Noon‘s lense!

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