Florence – Day II – Getting Ready to Class II

Our third day in Florence was a bit more relaxed than the previous two! It started of quite nicely with breakfast at our hotel, and then us, the girls in the group, having gelatos and refreshments in one of the cafes called CORONAS CAFE

We pass by this cafe on our way to our cooking class… to be exact, its located between the Duomo and Piazza della Signoria

Tucked in one of the corners, this cafe (and many others in the area) is just nice… You know, they give you the European luxurious look when it come to the counter and the paneling! The wood furniture and cashier’s desk…. Oh and the gelateria section is good! Wide selection of flavors to choose from 😉 Most of their fruit flavored gelatos comes with chuncks of fruit in’em. Their coffee is good too – many flavors!

LOVED the design on this Coca Cola Light can – Gusto Unico… Oh and I have to tell you that you have to be specific and clear about your order! Make sure you explain it right to them because I saw a couple ordering (Americans) and they wanted it in a cup not a cone, but due to misscommunications, the cashier insisted they pay for it anyways! Oh and they wont let you try a lot of flavors – three times is their maximum!


Anyways… we continued walking to our class and made a quick stop at Piazza della Signoria – more cafes, restaurants, gelaterias, and nice shops too 😉

JustNoon wanted me to zoom in Palazzo Vecchio – so we played around a bit with my camera 😉

Run-away bride?? Whadya think?

Street performance on the stairs by Palazzo Vecchio! Lots of people chilling on the stairs, enjoying the music, the ambiance… you know, it was just nice with lots of things going around

Passing through Uffizi Gallery’s courtyard, which is usually busier at earlier times of the day with artists, street vendors selling art pieces, accessories… and lots of tourists in the area

Walking by Arno River and Ponte Vecchio

Gondola ride…. nice 😉 Oh and thats where you can find the Padlocks (link)

The goldsmith shops on the bridge were closed…. but I just had to take a picture of one of the shops! It looks very medieval – no?

More music and street performance on the way! Don’t you love it? I mean the atmosphere! I miss it now

To be continued 😉


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