Falafel Nadia

A couple of nights back I was home starving! I didn’t have lunch that day and was in the mood for some junk! So I went on line and as I was browsing 6alabat I noticed they have Falafel Nadia listed, a place I have been meaning to try for a while now… so why not 😉 I ordered for myself and dad!

Falafel Platter and a Make Your Own Sandwich with so many options to choose from and so many dips and whats not + side of Skin of Fries! The food arrived in like 40 minutes!


My take on the food? Well.. the falafel were fresh and yummy! Even my dad asked me for their phone number in case he wants to order for their Dewaniya or something! The side dips are tasteful… however the tarator tasted a bit salty! I liked their fries… but the bread! I hated it! Why not just have regular Lebanese (Pita) bread!!! That kind of bread was a HUGE mistake on their side and it did not do well – specially with the pocket sandwich!

Other than that, it was all good! I would order again but not with bread!


If I am not mistaken, they are located in 360 Mall… since I ordered from 6alabat, I do not have a phone number for them


Our total came to KD3.350 (6alabat delivery charges included – around 250 fils or so) – its a bit pricey when you think Falafel 😉 Right?

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