Cocoa Room

Dana M., Luluscious, and I decided to have breakfast yesterday at Cocoa Room! We’ve been meaning to do this outing for quite some time and finally got the chance to!

I loved the contrast and the feel of the place! There were rusted and vintage framed mirrors hanging on one wall… whereas the opposite wall had huge glass making the area outside kinda visible and letting some day light in the place! The wall is designed in a way that looks like brown thin chocolate bars sticking out one next to the other…. tables are dark, mounted sofas on one side with barrel like seats on the other side of the table that do not look comfortable, but are comfortable!!! Its Dark and its edgy and its different and its just fabulous… the menu is made out of worn paper with their logo spelling spelled out Cocoa Room…. the menu items are not solely chocolate-y!

Their silverware and plates are very shabby chic -kinda reminded me of the old Napket plastic ware- wrapped up in washed out purple napkins

I started of with salted caramel mocha drink! I love salted caramel flavor so so much!!

The first sip is the saltiest, yet is not TOO salty! I just love this combo! Luluscious had apple juice and Dana M. ordered OJ! As for our main courses… Lulu had the C&H Manaqish (open cheese pie)…

Dana M. had the Halloumi Cheese Bruschetta

And truly yours ordered one fried egg, sunny side up, veal sausages, and country hash browns (which basically isnt really hash browns, just a skillet with fried cubed veggies) I asked for one MINUS the bell peppers (not a fan)

We decided to have everything shared between us so we can get a taste of all items – except for my fried egg 😛

I tried a slice of Lulu’s and it was okay… my fried egg was done to my specifications!!! Not very well done, crispy edges, and watery yolk! I just did not like how my order was presented… the plate for my egg was somewhat small… and did not make it easy to eat my “runny” yolk egg… the hash browns was YUMMY! It contained potatoes, beetroot, and carrots…. with some onions and herbs as garnish! I loved it.. I think Dana M. too!! The sausages were tasty as well 😉 And now for the one dish I really wanted to try out……..


*drum roll*


Autumn Pancakes… which is made of pumpkin flavored pancakes, topped with a dollop creamy butter pecan and comes with maple syrup, blueberry sauce, and brown sugar vanilla sauce…. IT WAS AMAZING!!!

I have two friends (and neighbors) of mine that I kept teasing with pictures of it on Facebook… Naser & Essa, who for the longest time ever kept asking me to come up with pumpkin pancakes ever since I told them how much I love pumpkins… so guys, I tell you! I did not make one YET but for now enjoy this masterpiece!!!

Its the best dish I have tried at Cocoa Room (which I plan to visit again to try more dishes)

Oh and Luluscious & I accompanied it with two Mexican Hot Chocolates (spiced with vanilla and cinnamon) it was really good and smelt really really amazing!

Our total came to KD23…. KD11 for the food and KD12 for the beverages 😛

Cocoa Room is located on Gulf Road right next to Slider Station and Opposite to AlSeef Palace. They’re open 8:00AM to 3:00PM & their Tel # is 22464049 – They are pretty active, sweet, and responsive on Twitter @CocoaRoom_ and very friendly/helpful in person!


Now just for fun… I was playing on Instagram and thought how good the pictures of my review would look when vintage and 1970s…. so here you go 😉 I hope you like’em

I’m definitely going back again and I look forward to try more dishes…. the lady in blue next to us was having what looked like blueberry waffle… the color of it was such a tease (عليها بألف عافية) and I wanna try the Money Bag thingy with truffle oil that my friend Shushu told me about! The restaurant is on my A-List 😉

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