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This post/review is prepared mostly by my best friend Luluscious (I added few lines and comments of mine). We gathered our thoughts together in this review 😉 Anyways…. Enjoy!

We both wanted to do our nails for a while now, and since Luluscious is pregnant we decided to call Casa Spa up and book an appointment to pamper ourselves from the comfort of my (Ansam’s) house! They arrived on time and they were fully equipped! Its was Lulu’s first time to try nail spa home services… and boy she was impressed 🙂 She liked the attention to details when it came to their brand… lime green and grey in everything! And she really LOVED their uniforms…. can’t agree more! Its adorably cute!

While we were getting ready in our arm chairs, the spa was set up in an impressive time! They even brought their hot water and all equipment with them.

Everything was in place and they were ready to go! Luluscious was served by Lynn, Ansam was served by Jouna. Lights were dimmed, candles were lit, soft music in the background… and the treatment started… Pina Colada (their current LIMITED line) smelled deliciously dangerous! Be careful not to lick it of your hands LOL

Lulu now really wants to get a lime green dress! Any idea where can we find a cute one? 😛

The technicians were professional… let me get you the time table of what went on. They arrived at 5:00PM… the set up and all took them somewhere between 10 and 15 minutes and they were done by 6:40PM! Very polite and sweet! Since I’m (Lulu) gonna deliver soon, I asked her to cut my nails short, but not too short… I wanted my Baby B to be comfortable with my nails and all! She was like “OK ma’am don’t worry, I know how short I can go”. They hardly spoke to us, unless spoken to or when they wanted something or wanted us to do something! It was a quite nice time at home, relaxed… to the max

I (Lulu) picked Haute as Hello (peachy) and Ansam went with Chinchilly… not really her kind of color but she was inspired by the grey in their uniform LOL

Ansam’s Chinchilly and the green apple… very Casa Spa of her 😛

Don’t miss Casa Spa LIMITED line Pina Colada! Let your nails feel the deliciousness – call 66889233 – BB Pin: 21999364

Oh and we got a green apple at the end of the treatment! Sweet… again, goes well with their theme!


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