Bubble T

After my Art Touch Studio visit/review (link), I could not help but ask what Mr. Marzooq AlModhhy was drinking! He said it was Orange with Orange Toppings from Bubble T!

I remember visiting Bubble T last year (link) just to try Lychee Iced Tea… which turned out to be really good! So why not try another drink since Marzooq said it was his favorite and he orders it almost daily!

So on my way out of Galleria 2000.. I stopped by! I noticed they did some redecoration to the place. It looks more polished… with less pink now 😉

The hanged menu is replaced with a black board menu with pictures of their popular drinks. The menu consist of various teas, coffee, sandwiches, salads, and desserts!

I ordered the Orange with Orange Toppings

Its so refreshing and fun to drink! The toppings are basically edible bubbles the float and swim in the drink itself… when I drank it all, all those bubbles were left in the bottom! It was just fun to have’em burst in your mouth! I believe the drink comes in different flavors!

Just as their slogan goes, its “The drink that is fun to eat”

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