Bests in Kuwait

For the past few months I have been asking people I know (family & friends) randomly about their best places in K-Town when it comes to food, shops, spas, Gyms, Beauty… etc

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Here are the results:


  • Best Burgers: Slider Station
  • Best Pizza: Pizzetta
  • Best Fast Food: McDonalds
  • Best Japanese: Maki
  • Best Sandwiches: Baking Tray – Casper & Gambini was so close to tie with BT
  • Best Ice Cream Parlor: Baskin Robbins
  • Best Frozen Yogurt: Napket – Pinkberry was so close to tie with it
  • Best Breakfast Place: Almost a tie between Cocoa Room and Early Bird (Bravo Cocoa room as a new entrant) – Dean & Deluca is not far either
  • Best Kuwaiti Food: Cafe Bazza (bravo again as a new entrant)
  • Best Place for Business Meetings and Functions: Lenotre
  • Best Catering (weddings and parties): Lenotre
  • Best Passaway Trays (coffee sweets and salties) in weddings & parties: WOW
  • Best Iranian: Shebestan
  • Best Indian: Asha’s – Mughal Mahal and Taal comes second


Best Gym

  • Ladies: Corniche (Flex was so close)
  • Men: Corniche
  • Children: Fit4Fun


Best Spa

  • Ladies: Spa Time
  • Men: Aquatonic + The Day Spa (almost a tie)


Best Hospital

  • Best Doctors: Al Salam Hospital
  • Best care & after care: New Mowasat Hospital
  • New, innovative, and variety of service + Atmosphere: Al Seef + Royale Hayat (almost a tie)


Nail Spas

  • Nail It and Bubbles (almost a tie)


Beauty Salons

  • Variety of services: La Mode
  • Professionalism: Toni & Guy – Al Corniche


Drinks (Juice Parlors and Coffee)

  • Originality and reputation: Al Dahiya Coop
  • Funky: D*lush
  • Variety of mixes: Toot w Mishmish
  • Best Coffee Shop: Starbucks – Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf comes so close to tie


Shopping Mall

  • The Avenues



  • Best Bank: NBK
  • Best Online Banking System: KFH


Best Online Websites

Services: Taw9eel – Sheeel comes in second place

Food Delivery: 6alabat

Electronics: Blink


I would do more, but this is what I have so far… again, these are not my ratings, but some data I have been gathering over time


What about you? Give me your feed back?

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