Baskin Robbins – July Flavor

AT LAST! I have been passing by Baskin Robbins to check out their new flavor of the month for a while now – they’re not as updated us the HQ ones because this month flavor was June’s (when I googled it)… plus the Loaded Cannoli was there for ever (link)

Crimson Passion Sorbet… a refreshing mix of passion fruit and blood orange sorbet! Looking at the flyer with the hot summer colors, the ice cream SCREAMS summer saver! As soon as I tasted it I was like TWO SCOOPS PLEASE! Its sour, its sweet, its tart-y…. and its a treat for a hot summer day! I mean it isn’t my usual taste, but it works out pretty well for our hot summer weather, and I so needed it the other day 😉

Price tag for two scoops in a cup? KD1.100

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