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A couple of days back, I posted about a group on Facebook called Art Touch Studio (link). I was invited by Mr. Marzooq AlModhhy to come by the studio and get to know the story behind it…

So I went ahead and accepted the invitation…. Mr. AlModhhy was there waiting for me. The studio is small, but with HUGE potential! I really had a great time chit-chatting with him, getting to know the story behind it and all

Marzooq loved photography since he was young! He followed his passion and started from home, with his humble studio! He also worked in the media field and a private TV station. He loved photography and really wanted to open up his own studio! The dream started when he eyed that specific spot, which eventually a dream came true… when he got it! He spent days and nights just to finish it up in a record time… ONE month only! He got support from his family and friends… and got into the business with Ms. Sarah AlSayegh and Abdulaziz AlNajjar.. a great team I must admit! Their studio is designed in a funky industrial look! Their pictures are amazing! Different portraits on their wall, some cameras… classic to the latest innovative ones!

Marzooq was so passionate about his work – I can tell from his collection and the way he was talking

Their services vary from taking simple shots and portraits, to pop art, outdoors, moving studios, commercial, babies, and more…. they also arrange for different workshops for various subjects such as landscape photography, portraits, and more!

I checked their prices and they are reasonable! I’m really looking forward to meet the rest of the team and have my own photo shoot! I am thinking maybe outdoor when the weather gets nicer! I also want to check out their workshop! They seem to know what they’re doing very well 🙂

If interested, check out their Facebook Page (link), or drop by for a visit! They are located in basement of Galleria 2000 in Salmiya and open daily 10:00AM – 1:00PM and 4:00PM to 10:00PM (Fridays: afternoons only). Their Tel# is 97306099

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