TOMS From Bogsha

I love how Bogsha caught my tweet about wanting more shoes, as I was having problems with ordering them online and they offered to help me out via their Twitter @Bogsha


I ordered quite a few and now I have to admit! I have a problem! I am addicted to TOMS :S


I got four different styles/material in different colors and designs! However, I made sure I took’em size 7.5 instead of 8 cuz it was kinda big! I am even considering getting size 7… cuz they get loose with time


Not only they feel comfortable, but you feel good wearing them knowing that they donated a pair of shoes for a child in need!


Thats one bright yellow shoes! Its called “stitched”


Oh and I loved the wrapping! Each shoe came in a box with Bogsha logo on it… Fashion Fades, Style Remains – their slogan

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Bogsha Team – specially the sweet sweet Farah – for their effort and for taking the time to help me out of the blue… oh and they gave me a pair for free 😉 – Their prices are almost the same as the ones online!


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