The Proteges – Generation II

Its the time of the year again…. isn’t?? As many many can tell, the first year (Generation I) of The Proteges was a HUGE success! You can read about their day-to-day activities on their blog here!


Now…. the team behind the program are happy to share the news and introduce The Proteges Generation II to my blog readers! So 😉 after a long process (which I lived some part of and was impressed by their efforts into getting it ready in time) of applying, interviewing 266 applicants, and long debate sessions… the applicants are finalized and narrowed down to 25 😉 I can’t wait to meet them since I fell in love with Generation I students – I am sure I will fall in love with Generation II <3


Here they are! The Proteges – Generation II… Young -creme de la creme- who are now eligible to take the six-week program! They are between the age of 16-24 and will get to learn many many things that includes improving social, practical, professional, and personal skills through fun activities, interactive discussions, and classes guided by talented mentors!


Those Mentors will help them learn and enrich their lives through their own experiences throughout the program, which is intended to help them understand themselves and appreciate how they are connected with the norms of life and society with the “Do’s & Don’ts”


Left to right they are: Mishari AlMufarreh, Abdullah AlEisa, Reem AlHunaidi, Yarub Burhama, Alaa AlOmar, Shamlan AlBahar, Rana AlKhaled, Rana AlRushaid, Ahmed AlMajed, and Nawaf AlSharekh


Not shown: Abdulaziz ALloghani & Mohammed AlNughaimish



The Selected participants:
  1. Abdulla AlAwadhi
  2. Abdulla Khajah
  3. Abdulmehsin AlHashim
  4. Abdulwahab Abo Haied
  5. Badria AlBader
  6. Balqees AlSubai’ee
  7. Bashayer Bin Salama
  8. Fatema Murad
  9. Fatema AlOmar
  10. Fedha Abu Khamseen
  11. Ghadeer Tareq
  12. Hanan AlSarraf
  13. Jaafar Jaafar
  14. Lozan AlAshi
  15. Lujain AlMuhareb
  16. Mehalka Mostanser
  17. Meshari AlNusif
  18. Muneera AlShaheen
  19. Nawal AlKailani
  20. Rawan AlRashid
  21. Reem AlFahad
  22. Reham AlMutairi
  23. Sara AlRudaini
  24. Sara AlQabandi
  25. Yaqoub AlNafisi

For more updates, follow them on Twitter @the_proteges and LIKE their Facebook Page
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